Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Complete Collection of Zadar Miniatures

Every now and then I have to mention that there is a complete collection of Zadar Miniatures for sale. Every piece from number one to current number 203. This collection is from the beginning in 1994 to current pieces. These are serial number 5. This collection is for the serious art collector or a museum collection. You will not find a complete collection like this offered. Contact me for more information. Serious inquires only; this is a high-ticket collection. Will not separate pieces.

Randall Zadar
    Sculptor/Zadar Studios


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bronze Casting of a Sword

Hi, I saw this cool video on YouTube of casting a bronze sword in the ancient way. I thought it was interesting. Amazing discovery of adding tin to copper to make bronze. The bronze is so much stronger than just copper. I know after working with the stuff for about 20 years, it is a wonderful metal and absolutely perfect for sculpture. I love the stuff. I will be posting more information about bronze casting in the future. Check this out:

Randall Zadar
Zadar Studios

Street Artist Finished

Hi, I just finished up "Street Artist" bronze miniature. The pieces have been shipped to the dealers and is ready to order. Click HERE for dealer listing.

New Miniature Figurine

"Street Artist"

A new miniature figurine featuring a Street Artist painting a picture. In the style of a Venetian Street Artist painting pictures for tourists. A highly detailed and complex bronze figurine. Available Now.

Details: Cast in Foundry Bronze. Hand-painted in oils. Limited Edition of 75 signed and numbered pieces. Height: 1", Issue price: $125.00.