Sunday, March 22, 2015

Meissen Miniature - Miniature Porcelain Reproduction after Kandler by Randall Zadar

Meissen Miniature by Randall Zadar

For years, I have been thinking about reproducing a Meissen piece in miniature, just waiting for the right time. Two good collector friends, made a trip to Meissen Germany many years ago and toured the Meissen Porcelain Factory. They brought me back a very special book on the porcelain figurines by Johann Joachim Kandler, probably the best porcelain modeler of all time. Many of the pieces in the book interested me, but one always stood out.
Meissen Indian Lovers Kandler
The book was in German, but I was able to translate the description to English:
"The Indian Love Couple from 1745, playing a lute and drinking coffee."

A later catalog of 1748, lists the title as "Chinese Lovers" but I decided to keep the original title of 1745 and probably the way Kandler wanted it titled. I changed it to simply, "Indian Lovers" and I believe it keeps the original spirit of the piece.

Here is the miniature bronze figurine, 21mm or about 3/4" tall.

Randall Zadar Meissen Miniature

Here is the piece in my hand to show scale.

Randall Zadar Meissen Miniature

The piece was a challenge to sculpt and then to mold. The piece had to be sculpted and molded in three components. Here is a wax pattern.

Randall Zadar Meissen Miniature Wax Pattern

Then the wax was carefully assembled before casting.

Randall Zadar Meissen Miniature Lost Wax Casting

This was time consuming assembling all the pieces before casting. However, the bronze casting was one solid piece.

The finished piece really came out beautiful.

Messien Miniature Indian Lovers

Here are some more pictures showing the other sides of the piece.

Randall Zadar Meissen Miniature

Randall Zadar Meissen Miniature

Randall Zadar Meissen Miniature

Randall Zadar Bronze Miniature

Here is a picture of "Indian Lovers" on my watch to show scale.

Randall Zadar Meissen Miniature

Another picture showing scale.

Randall Zadar Bronze Miniatures

I hope you like the piece. This would look great in any miniature setting or display case.

The pieces have shipped to the dealers; contact your dealer to order one before they sell out with only 50 pieces made.  The edition is complete and retired. Don't wait if you would like to have this piece in your collection. Meissen Porcelain collectors may also be interested in owning this unique version.

Here are the details:

"Indian Lovers" after Kandler
by Randall Zadar
Limited Edition of 50 Signed and Numbered Pieces
Hand-Cast Foundry Bronze
Hand-Painted in Oils
Height: 3/4" 21mm
Issue Price $200.00 US

Click HERE to find a dealer.

Randall Zadar/Sculptor/Artist
Zadar Studios USA