Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gulliver Set - Last Two Pieces in the Set - Cottage and Ship


The last two pieces to the Gulliver Collector Set are now available at your dealer. This is the Cottage and the Ship. Both pieces issue at $95.00 each. Cast in bronze and hand-painted. See below for where they fit onto the custom base. NOTE, these pieces are also designed to work independent of the base, so you can just purchase them separate for your miniature settings. 

Click HERE for a dealer list.

The Details:

236D COTTAGE, Height 1/2" or 14mm. Limited Edition of 50 Signed and Numbered Pieces. Issue price $95.00. Contact your dealer to order.

236E SHIP, Height 3/4" or 18mm. Limited Edition of 50 Signed and Numbered Pieces.
Issue Price $95.00. Contact your dealer to order.

#236D Cottage, $95.00 and #236E Ship, $95.00

Purchase to complete your set or display separately
Opposite Side
This is where they fit onto the base
Complete Gulliver Collector Set

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I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Season.

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