Friday, March 23, 2012

New Youtube Video - Christmas Set - Miniature Bronze Collectible

Hi, I just posted a new video of the very popular Christmas Collector Set on YouTube. This is a seven-piece collector set that has a custom designed base. Cast in bronze and hand-painted. Limited Edition of 75 pieces and is now retired. The height of the piece is 1 inch. The tiny angel on top of the tree was cast separate and then soldered onto the tree. This was the only way for it to cast as the tiny wings and arms never would have come out complete in bronze.
The set includes, Santa holding a gift and placing a bell on the tree. Next is a tiny dollhouse with three dolls. A train set, three toy cars, a Christmas tree, and a custom base with key slots so pieces can only fit in one way.

The video shows the piece rotating around. This is the best way to see all the detail in this fun piece. Some of the pieces were sold individually to collectors so there are not many complete sets like this one. This is an extremely rare piece and a very interesting concept in miniature.

This is the first video I put on YouTube. I am adding more because it is a great way to showcase the pieces. There is always so much detail in the back of the pieces and one picture can't show it all like a video can. Check back often, as I will have more videos posted soon. This is the place I will comment on the videos and share insight into the pieces, why I made them, history, inspiration and so on. Thanks for listening.

Randall Zadar

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