Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sunday Drive 20th Anniversary Piece

Hello Collectors,

I am working on the second 20th Anniversary release. This one is really special to me as it is a remake of the original Sunday Drive figurine from 1994 (piece number 2.) Here is a picture of the new Sunday Drive II Miniature Bronze Figurine.

Randall Zadar Bronze Miniature
2014 Sunday Drive II by Randall Zadar - Miniature Bronze Figurine
Bronze Cast and Hand-Painted in Oils- Height 3/4" - Limited Edition of under 50 pieces
Issue price $200.00. Available 5/1/14

Below are some pictures of the original and remake versions and the advertisements that inspired them.

Baker Electric Miniature Figurine

The original miniature version was inspired by this 1909 advertisement for the Baker Electric Car.

Randall Zadar Bronze Miniature

This is the original 1994 version of the piece based on the above advertisement. Issue price was $79.00 in 1994. Today if you can even find one, the price would be many, many times issue. After only a few of the above versions were made in 1994, the piece was redesigned by removing the base and painted in both red and black. The above pictured version is the rarest version of the piece. I think there are only three made.

Baker Electric Miniature Figurine
This is the advertisement that inspired the second version.

Randall Zadar Bronze Miniature

Here are the two versions together. You can really see the growth as an Artist. There are 20 years between these two pieces. One thing that strikes me is the painting on the original (left side.) The colors are right out of the bottle. The new version (right side) shows the more subtle painting that reflects a porcelain look. Also notice the more complex design.

Randall Zadar Bronze Miniature

Here is the back and front version of Sunday Drive II. Notice the "20 Year" mark on the back inscribed into the metal.

Randall Zadar Bronze Miniature

Here is the first and second 20th Anniversary pieces together. "Birds of Spring" and "Sunday Drive II."

Randall Zadar Bronze Miniature

This picture shows how nice the two pieces look on a curio cabinet in a miniature setting.

I hope you take advantage and collect these extremely rare bronze pieces. The production is very low. There is still one more amazing piece left in this series. Stay tuned.

Contact your dealer to reserve and order Sunday Drive II. Click HERE for a list of dealers.

Thank you for collecting,

Randall Zadar
Sculptor/Zadar Studios

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  1. Hello Randall,
    This is stunning. I think it is one of your most beautiful pieces. excellent work!