Monday, August 18, 2014

New Bronze Figurines

Hello Collectors,

Check out these new antique bronze finished miniatures. From time to time I may add pieces to this series. I just love the natural antique bronze finish on these miniature pieces.

The first bronze miniature is titled "THE MARINER." This is a miniature reproduction of a 20th century sculpture by French Artist Xavier Raphanel. This piece depicts a mariner battling his ship through stormy seas. You can see the determined look in his eyes as the waves break over the wooded deck.

Zadar Bronze Miniatures

Zadar Bronze Miniatures
"THE MARINER" after Raphanel by Randall Zadar
Bronze-Cast and Hand-Finished. Height: One Inch
Open Edition, Issue Price $95.00

The next release is titled "THUNDER" and is an action packed piece featuring a horse bucking. I really like the look and action of this piece. I took a chance in casting and ran all the metal up the two front legs. This resulted in a high failure rate. Next time I cast I will add an extra sprue to the horse. This will allow a better flow of the metal. The ones that came out this time look great. However, any new castings will require a mold change to prevent future problems.

Zadar Bronze Miniatures

Zadar Bronze Miniatures
"THUNDER" by Randall Zadar
Bronze-cast and Hand-Finished. Height: 1-1/8 inch
Open Edition, Issue Price $110.00

I would like to note that producing these pieces with an antique bronze finish is not as easy as it seems. It is almost easier to paint them. Each piece is hand burnished in a four-step process before they are finally sealed to lock in the beautiful patina.

Zadar Bronze Miniatures

Like everything in the Lost Wax Casting Process, there are no shortcuts to producing fine art. Especially when working in miniature.

I hope you enjoy collecting these fun pieces. They will look great in a miniature setting or in your display case.

Click HERE to place an order with one of the dealers. I will be shipping these pieces soon so be sure to get your order in.

Thanks for collecting. Click the website link below to see larger pictures of the new pieces.

Randall Zadar
Zadar Studios

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