Saturday, February 13, 2016

Standing Lincoln Penny

Standing Lincoln Penny for Reserve Collectors

Here is something very unique and different. As far as I know, this is the only penny like this made. I have always used a penny to show scale next to my work so I thought it would be a cool idea, to cast a real sized penny with a sculpture inside. This is the idea behind the Standing Lincoln Penny cast in bronze. The Abraham Lincoln Sculpture is 1/4 inch tall standing inside a bronze-cast penny. This very unique collectible will be sought after by coin collectors, and will make a nice addition to your collection.

If you are a Reserve Collector, I am providing you one FREE for your collection. You must contact your dealer and verify your number and collector status. Your dealer will order the coins from me, and I ship them to your dealer. I chose the year 1994 for this coin, as that was the year I started the studio.

Standing Lincoln Penny

Standing Lincoln Penny

I added the word "Copy" to the back of the coin, which is the proper procedure when making a reproduction coin. I also added my signature and copyright symbol to the back.

Randall Zadar Sculpture

Standing Lincoln Penny

If you are wondering what a Reserve Collector is, here is a description:

A collector who wishes to become a Reserve Collector merely needs to request a number from your dealer. You will be assign an available number from the dealer's stock. It is as simple as that. There is never a fee to join. Most collectors prefer the lowest Reserve Number available but you are most welcome to choose any open number; some collectors have chosen a birth date, sport number, lucky number, etc. The reserve number you are assigned will become your collector number for every release and that number will always be the serial number on the bottom of your pieces. For example, you could be assigned #35 so every numbered piece in your collection will have the serial #35. This means you will have the 35th piece in a limited edition of 50 figurines.

Among the benefits of becoming a Zadar Reserve Collector:

- First to receive new pieces.

- Always receive your pieces at issue price, never miss a piece and later have to find on the secondary market.

- Every figurine in your collection will carry the same serial number.

- Special figurines like this Standing Lincoln Penny.

If  you have any questions, please feel free to contact the studio or your dealer of Zadar Bronze Miniatures. Click here for a list of dealers.

Thank you for collecting.

Randall Zadar
Zadar Studios

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