Saturday, October 8, 2016

Gulliver Set - Piece Two and Three now available

New Bronze Miniatures by Randall Zadar

Piece two and three for the Gulliver Collector Set have shipped from the studio and is now available at your dealer. This is the Palace and the Custom Base for the set. See pictures below on where to place the pieces. Next release will be the Cottage and Ship to complete the set. Please note, these pieces can be collected and displayed individually or as a set. The set was designed to work together or separate. Limited edition of 50 pieces. Signed and numbered on the bottom.

Contact your dealer to order:
#236B - Palace $125.00, height, 7/8" Bronze-Cast Hand-Painted
#236C - Custom Base $75.00 Bronze-Cast Hand-Painted

Thank you,
Randall Zadar
Dealer list available on website

Gulliver, Palace and Custom Base
Three pieces assembled on base showing their location
All five pieces of the Gulliver Collector Set
All five pieces assembled on base
Gulliver Collector Set by Randall Zadar


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