Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Release "Spring Stroll"

I am almost finished with “Spring Stroll” the new miniature collectible from the studio. I hope to ship the piece to dealers on April 14th if possible. This piece features a mother duck taking her chicks for a springtime walk in a stroller. The three tiny chicks can be seen looking out of the stroller. The piece has an excellent Spring/Easter season look.

I added some flowers on both sides of the piece giving it a sense of a grassy trail she is walking along. The piece is really small (9/16ths of an inch tall) so painting it was difficult. For me the hardest part of the painting is the eyes and gold work.

The way the eyes are painted makes a difference in the expression of the piece. You wouldn’t think the placement of a dot about the size of a period at the end of a sentence could make a big difference, but it does. So I need a very steady hand to place the eyes just right. Sometimes I only have one chance to get it right.

This edition is 75 pieces. There are four sets of eyes counting the mother duck and three chicks. That is eight eyes per piece, times seventy-five pieces, comes to 300 eyes to dot at one time. Talk about patience.

The other painting step I almost dread doing is the gold paint trim. This is always the last painting step and the most critical to get just right. The paint has to be mixed just right so that it flows smoothly and does not bleed off the line and into the piece. This bleeding can ruin a piece, as it is sometimes impossible to remove the gold from places it doesn’t belong. I must be very careful and paint with a steady hand and controlling my breathing while working. This can be a frustrating process but when finished, the gold accents really look nice.

I hope you like this new miniature. There will only be 75 pieces made and the issue price is $75.00. Each piece is signed and numbered on the bottom. You can go to my web site for ordering information.

Thanks for reading,
Randall Zadar

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  1. Hello Randall,
    Spectacular piece,a nd also cat house is great. I think your detail gets better and better. It amazes me how much accuracy and detail your pieces have under a magnifying glass.
    All the best,