Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Release - "Street Artist"

Hello friends,

I decided to give a sneak peak to collectors of the next three new releases from the studio. The first of the three I am working on now will be ready in mid to late August 2012. This piece is called Street Artist. I started work on this piece about three years ago and then put it away. Sometimes I start pieces then let them sit until the time seems right to release them.

The theme of this piece is an artist painting a picture while sitting on some steps along a street somewhere like Venice. The painting is of a boat so he is possibly near some water. To me it seems like he is selling these paintings to tourists.

I really like the body language of this piece. The inspiration came from an old capodimonte porcelain figurine that I have always liked. I really enjoy the way he is holding his brush while he checks his work on his painting.

If you enjoy art and support artists, this will be a special piece for your collection. Limited edition of 75 pieces, issue price is $125.00. Cast in Bronze and hand-painted. Available in mid to late August. Please visit to reserve one today.

Thanks for looking,

Randall Zadar
Sculptor/Zadar Studios

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