Saturday, January 12, 2013

Painting Miniatures - Final Step - Signing

Now that the bottoms have been painted and sealed, I can sign my name and add the serial number. These mice pieces are a Special Edition so there will be no serial number added. Instead I added the words "Special Edition" below my signature. This seems like no big deal but imagine signing your name about 100 times in a tiny space. Here is a picture of the signed bases. A side note, if you ever see me at a show or event, bring your pieces and I will add my first name to the bottom.

Miniature Fugurine
Now the pieces are inspected one last time and placed inside a protective plastic bag. The last step is to put the pieces inside the box as shown here.
Miniature Figurine
They are now completed after the long journey through the studio. They are now shipped to the dealers and hopefully find a nice home in your collection. If you have read all the blog entries about the production of these two pieces, you will understand why they cost what they do and why they are so rare. I hope you have enjoyed this studio tour.
Here is the production total for these pieces:
"Blast-Off" 48 pieces, Issue price $75.00, Retired.
"Ice Cream" 50 pieces, Issue price $75.00, Retired.
This was a low production run of 50 pieces and less. Normally I produce 75 pieces. That is why it is a Special Edition. If you are interested in these, you can try and contact these two dealers and see if they have any left:
Zadar Studios Dealer
Zadar Studios Dealer
Thanks for reading.
Randall Zadar
Sculptor/Zadar Studios

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