Friday, February 1, 2013

Natural Bronze Horses

I just finished the two Natural Bronze versions of Dressage and Born Free. These required a considerable amount of work to prepare the surface for the natural bronze patina. Below are some of the steps I take to complete this process. I start by grinding off any imperfections on the surface. This takes time.

Miniature Figurine

Next step, I dip each piece in a chemical solution that gives them a rich brown color.

Miniature Figurine

The next step is to polish them to bring out the highlights and brighten the beautiful color of the bronze.

Miniature Figurine

The last step is to seal the finish. This preserves the color and locks in the patina. Also gives the pieces a slight gloss. The pieces are now ready to be signed on the bottom and boxed.

If you are interested in these pieces, check with your dealer. Issue price is $75.00 each. Height is 7/8" tall. These pieces look great in a collection or a miniature setting.

Miniature Figurine

Thanks for reading,

Randall Zadar/Sculptor
Zadar Studios

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