Monday, December 24, 2012

How To Sculpt Wax - Sculpting Update - Robin Hood

I did some more sculpting on the miniature Robin Hood Wax Master making a necessary change in the design. Since the first post about this piece, I noticed a big problem. I felt it was expecting too much for the molten metal to flow up through the legs only, then up the arms, out into the bow and then through the arrow before cooling. So I added some sleeves and tipped him up so that the right sleeve touches his leg. This change improves the chances of a successful casting because the bronze flow is now closer to the arrow and bow. There is a lot of thought, planning and engineering that goes into a successful design that molds and casts well.

Also this changes the angle of the Archer. He now points upward; perhaps he is shooting at a castle or something in a tree or far away. I like this position better as there is even more a feel of action and suspense.

A friend suggested that I consider creating a series and add Friar Tuck and Maid Marian. This is a good idea. I encourage anyone following the process and development of these pieces to feel free to comment and make suggestions. I am sure there will be many more changes as I continue to sculpt this piece.

NOTE, 4/6/15. I have finished the Robin Hood piece. See the blog entry for more information. Here is a picture of the finished miniature bronze sculpture.

Robin Hood Collectible Figurine

Randall Zadar
Sculptor/Zadar Studios

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