Friday, December 7, 2012

Ralphie Paint Test and more

Hello, The recent Christmas offer for these Ralphie Paint Test pieces went really fast. All the pieces are gone. However, you can still special order the mice pieces and the natural bronze version listed below.

Hope you have a great Holiday Season.


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Bronze Miniature

Have you ever wondered what Ralphie from The Christmas Story Movie would have looked like in a different color bunny costume? Now you can know. I went ahead and painted 11 different Paint Test versions of Ralphie for this Christmas Season. Do you need a unique miniature gift this year? Here is the perfect gift. These are all for sale on a first come, first serve basis and you must purchase from your dealer. Please respond to the studio by email only as that is my best way to keep track of who ordered first. Then let your dealer know. There is time to get one for Christmas. If you are interest, don't delay. Issue price is $85.00 each. Will be signed and marked "Paint Test" on the bottom. Ralphie is 7/8" tall, bronze-cast and hand-painted in oils.

Bronze Miniature


Last summer I designed and cast these two mice pieces, but after working on the colors for awhile, I was never really happy with the outcome. So I decided to not issue the pieces and melt the editions down. I actually put the pieces in the bronze pile to be melted down next cast. However, I did make some prototypes for the Chicago International Show last spring. Some collectors saw the pieces and asked for one, but I still didn't plan on making them. Recently I was asked again to make a small edition of special order pieces so I tried the coloration one last time. This time I am happy with the final look so I am going to make some for collectors who order them.

"Blast Off" is a miniature story scene featuring a mouse who just lit the fuse on a rocket and is waiting for it to take off. He is holding his ears because he knows it will be loud. "Ice Cream" tells the story of a girl mouse who is getting ready to eat her favorite mint ice cream cone.

If you are interested, you must order through your dealer. Work will start on these in about a week, so let me know soon if you are interested. These will be non numbered but will have "special edition" written on the bottom. Issue price is $95.00 each. Again, you must order the pieces through your dealer. You will not automatically receive it even if you are a Reserve Collector. Blast Off is 7/8" tall, bronze-cast and hand-painted in oils. Ice Cream in 5/8" tall, bronze-cast and hand-painted in oils.

Bronze Miniature
Bronze Miniature

DRESSAGE and BORN FREE in Natural Bronze

Here is another special order item available to collectors. Dressage and Born Free in a natural bronze version with an antique finish. I will start working on these in a few weeks so if you are interested, contact your dealer and place an order. Issue price is $75.00 each. Dressage and Born free are 7/8" tall and cast in foundry bronze

The beautiful wood display dome is by Charles Lewandowski.

Zadar Miniatures Dealers:
Marlene Shoalts, 419-836-9227 - Ohio
Gayle Harrison,
214-691-7467 - Texas
Larrianne Hilditch,
805-289-1508 - California
Beverly Simon,
800-413-2040 - Georgia

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